How to post the employee details in Active Directory using User properties data Table

Hi @ovidiuponoran

I have seen your IT Automation Activities AD .Trying to implement and successful creating the user .Thank you so much for wonderful Activity. But had some query i am able to post user details like First name, Last name by using user properties data Table.

But i have to post it in other tab user details like Address details and i am trying to do with same data table but throwing error as : An error has occurred: The attribute syntax specified to the directory service is invalid.

Do we have any logic to fill on different tabs in user properties.

Thanks @Kalavathi_BAYAPUREDDY_SAN, I’m happy you find these activities helpful to you.

In order to identify the name of AD property that you need to set value for please use “Active Directory Explorer” tool:
The property name is the one in Attribute column in the screenshot from below.

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Thanks @ovidiuponoran Great Work As you said its worked after your inputs . I am able to update all the required attributes in AD.Flow is good enough for updating all the details but i am unable to see the updated country value in user Properties Tab. but we can able to see the country value in AD Explorer.

If we resolve this we can good to go in implementing the process in my company. Could you please help on this.

Please find the images for your reference.

If I set the values for the country properties via AD Explorer as you did in the workflow, I observed the country was not shown in the Properties tab. So this means maybe there is another property that must be set. I found this article it seems there are three different properties that shall be set. Try to set a value for “c” property to, in your case, for India, it shall be “IN” as per