How to perform subtract operation from 2 excel files and print the result in another excel file

Hi! Guys hope you all doing well. let’s get in to the question. i have 2 excel files. i’ll attach\link both the files here.
link:- Grama-Ward Sachivalayam
what you’ll do is just select the date from 4-7-2021 to 14-7-2021 and download the two excel files 1.R\U FLAG and 2.U from the site.
what output i actually need is file R should generate. in detailed “Total Mandals” column from both the files i need to subtract it. and i wants to print the output file as result from file1 and file 2.
example: In R\U FLAG file “Total Mandals” i can see the data as 75.
in U file “Total Mandals” i can see the value 12.
from this i need to print the output data as (75-12)=63.
like this i need to print all the data from both the files.
what i done is.
step1:- sequence created
step2:- Excel application scope
step3:- “Read range” properties output:- dt1
step4:-“Read range” properties output:- dt2
step5:- For each “row” in “dt1”
i stopped here don’t know what to do next please can you help me.



Find the attached workflow for you. I’ve build output table with only 2 columns. You can keep the original columns and add it in AddRow

Substarct.xaml (12.9 KB)

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Hi Thiru,

Iterate then subtract the DataRow values. Please find below the screenshot for reference.

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Main.xaml (11.8 KB)

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Perfect. Thank you so much for your help


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Yes, it’s worked thanks a lot

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