How to perform custom activities over .pdf file?


How to perform following activities over .pdf file ?
        a.	Read discrete element from pdf : 
               i.	Instead of reading entire text, we want to read specific elements from pdf file.  
              ii.	Existing UiPath activities like Read PDF Text\Read PDF with OCR returns entire text. 
        b.	How to extract an Image from pdf ?


I am also looking for proper solution for this problem:slight_smile:


Hi @vaibhav.diwate,

a) If the pdf gives you discrete selectors, then you can definitely read these elements individually just like how we do in Desktop applications

b) To extract an image can you list out the process what you use manually and how do you identify it?



Consider a scenario where in pdf is not publishing discrete elements.
Can we manage extracting specific elements or an image using OCR operations ?


Do you have any sample code for this ?


Yes, You can use Scrape Relative Wizard to extract the relative information.

There is no sample code as this is Process Specific and varies from Process to Process.

You can try and let us know if you face any issue/challenges.