How to perform browser based ui automation in Serverless cloud

Hi team,

I’m trying to play around with the Serverless Cloud VMs. I’ve created a Cross-Platform automation with activities like log messages etc.

But, I’m curious if we can add Ui activities and run them using Serverless Cloud VM.

I’ve added the “Use Browser” activity and pointed out one of my existing browser sessions from Chrome and added some actions like click, type, etc. It works fine from the Studio, however when I deployed it to Orchestrator and run it using the Serverless VM - I’m getting an error saying “Could not find the user-interface (UI) element for this action.”

Doubt: Is it possible to perform Ui activities and execute with Serverless Cloud VMs? I know its using Linux machines, but not sure how to utilize the “Use Browser” activity and achieve the Ui automation using cross-platform.

please advise!

Hi @Sridhar_Aswin

Check on this document

I hope it helps!!

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Hi @lrtetala, thank you so much for sharing the documentation!

In my case, I was able to run automation from a serverless Cloud VM, but for ui activities, it failed. I’ve missed the VPN configuration as it is a cloud server and I was interacting with the On-Prem earlier. Now, as soon as I configured VPN, it is working as expected :slight_smile:

Thanks for your response!

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