How to path this complex XML?

I get an answer from a SOAP request in a quite complex XML-format.
Can someone give me a hint how to path this data?

In this file is the first part of the output from Deserialize XML:
SoapXml.txt (609 Bytes)

I need seriesdescription, seriesid and seriesname in different lists or as a datatable.

your XML String is invalid as some ending tags are missing. I corrected it and did a small Starter Help for showcasing the retrieval:
StefanSoyka.xaml (6.9 KB)

SoapXml.xml (635 Bytes)

Let us know your feedback

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Thank you!
That really helped a lot.
I was aware that the file was missing part. I just clipped a bit from UiPath-log :slight_smile:

Here is the first part of my project:
GetRiksbankenCrossRate.xaml (7.9 KB)

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