How to paste data in excel sheet one after the other


I have multiple excel files in a folder, however i managed to open those files using for each and start process but now i wanted to copy the data in those excel files one after the other in my master workbook. Can someone please help me on this?

Hello :v:
If you manage to open the excel files you could pass the values by excel document into a DataTable the pass into the sheet in the master workflow using Write Range activity

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Hi @Jagadesh2494

i assume that all excel files are having same format - same number of columns.

please find attached code which will show “Select Folder” window.
select the folder where you are having multiple excel files.

code will create a consolidate file in “InputFiles\FinalMerge.xlsx” in this project.

To write First excel data i am using Write Range with headers.
After that i am using Append Range activity.

Hope this help you. :slight_smile:

Vijay. (41.1 KB)

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Thanks, Could you please provide the sample workflow? I wanted to know how your passing the values by excel file into a Data Table

Hi Vijay, Could you please resend the workflow

Hi @Jagadesh2494

in your workflow on left side , under project pane you will see dependency conflicts in red colour , right click and install them . it will work for you.


Hey @Jagadesh2494

Attached code again. (41.1 KB)

If you still get error please find the image and build logic.


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