Copy data from multiple excel and paste in New File

Does anyone try copying data from multiple excel files and paste in a new file? Append range it’s not accepting from different excel sheet range, Does anyone have answer for this.

Hi @jayaseelan_S

Read the excels and use merge datatable activity to combine 2 datatables. write this datatable to an excel

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We don’t use data table in studiox. Do you have any solution in studio x?

@jayaseelan_S, hi and welcome to the community.

StudioX doesnt have datatbles, so when you use read range in excel, what is that data saved as?

anyways i do not know anything about studiox, from a studio point of view append range does not work on an empty excel, the excel sheet or file would need to have some data in it first. So to get around this you can use multiple read range activities to read all the excel files. and then the first one should be a write range that will create some data on your excel file and then for the rest use the append range to add all the data. let me know if you need further assistance.

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Copy paste range activity?