How to pass web url in UI Path forms dynamically


I want to pass:
YouTube player with UiPath Dynamic forms Demo #vajrangtalks #uipath - YouTube


above two youtube url into uipath forms. I tried to use HTML Element. But unfortunately not reach to the expectation.
Please guide me on this. @ClaytonM @supermanPunch

If you want to pass the above mentioned URLs, then you can do it by

Use Attach browser —> Navigate to URL(as mentioned) activities

And if you want to pass these URL’s into a respective fields, then use type into activity
and loop those url’s one after other


Hi, Thanks for quick response.

I want to use it through UI Path Form activity.

You can do it many ways

  1. Create an array of string and store those URL’s,this should something look like
    urlNames = {‘url1’ , ‘url2’}; (urlNames is a variable with Type as String array)

use For each look and iterate the variables one by one and enter into the text box where you pretend to enter

for each
item of urlNames
Type into (locate the required text field)

Let me know, if this doesnt work


I think he is using StudioX which doesn’t have variable creation as part of the “Reboot Your Skills” program.

@Jayesh_678 correct me if I’m wrong.

Yes, I am using StudioX

Can you be more specific on what you are trying to do? Are you trying to navigate to those youtube urls?

I’m not sure I understand.

Also please share the activity you are using and how you are using. In Windows 10, you can use Win+Shift+s to bring up screenshot tool.


I am using Uipath form activity.
I want to pass the youtube url in this ui path form designer.

Ok. And, what do you want the URL to be used for? Like do you want the user to click on it to go to the youtube page?

Or is it supposed to be a text box which the user pastes the youtube link in?

The Url can be stored in excel, So it can fetch there from one by one. So in the form I want to play the video of that particular url.

Oh, so you want to embed the video to play in the form, correct?

If so, I’ll need to get back to you to see if it’s possible on my end, unless someone else is able to help beforehand.


Yes, You got my query.

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I got the solution.
Thanks for support.

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