Clickable dynamic hyperlink in UiPath Form

Hi Together,
we have a process with a create form activity. The input variable “Bestelllink” is a URL link - e.g., - the URL is dynamic.

Now we would like to display a hyperlink in the UiPath form so that the user can open the link in a new tab.

After having viewed this video, we tried the following.
Creating Hyperlinks In UiPath Action Center Form Task (

By using data.OURVARIABLEURL we try to set the URL.
When I input instead of data.In_Bestelllink it works.

Yet, when clicking on the link, a UiPath page is opened and not the link. What are we missing?
Thank you!

we would recommend checking the rendered form if href is correctly filled (e.g. Browser F12 Webtools) and also ensure that url is starting with http…

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The two points we missed when testing was starting the url with http and rendering the activity when something changes since the url changes sometimes.

The html code advise from the video is working.

Thank you!

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