How to pass values to the html component in UiPath Form

Hi Community
I’m trying to pass a value (string) to the html component, the value is alwys displaying as “blank”.
but when the value is defined as “Default” then it works.
is it a bug?

but if I define a default value in Arg1 element (text field) then it works:

Any solution?
forum_html.xaml (7.2 KB)

Hi @ayyoub

You have disabled the text field component. Uncheck Disabled checkbox

I also add to HTML element component. see image

Hi Green tee
I found the solution, I had to check refresh on change.
but thank you so much.

I have another question though, I don’t know how to capture the html content and save it back in a variable.
let’s say: I want to use an html content with dropdown, how can I know the values of the selected dropdown from the html content?

Hi @ayyoub - see my response here: How to capture store html content from a form in a variable