How to capture store html content from a form in a variable

Hi People
I want to use html content with some dropdowns.
Is it possible to store the content in a variable as an output?

Hi @ayyoub - we use HTML component to display so this is not possible. But just to make sure I am understanding the use case, can you give more context? Otherwise, as the question is posed, this is not possible.

cc: @Nishant_Tanwar

Hi @sangL
Thank you for your reply.
My question was about storing the html content back in one variable.

I have some text fields that have some dynamic terms for example : a text like that:
“I want to eat apple/orange, because it’s healthy”
My Idea was to use html content in order to place the choices Apple/Orange as a dropdown inside the text.

Do you have any ideas how to achieve that?
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Hi @ayyoub – thanks for the clarification. However, this is not possible via HTML (only one way binding). You should use the dropdown component for what you are trying to achieve.

thanks @sangL
I have another question:
Do you know how to close a form using logics?

example: I want to set a logic and say if an element has a specific value the form should close.
I want to do it with javascript inside the logics.

Window.close() doesn’t work.

Use Get Text and set the selector to that Content box UiElement.

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it might also work I have to try it