How to pass the Uipath associate exam?

Hi I do not have prior knowledge of programming. I need to use RPA in my work. I desperately need to pass this exam. I just finished the Uipath associate exam and failed (scored 69%).

Section Analysis
1.0 Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Fundamentals 80%
2.0 UiPath Studio Overview 80%
3.0 UiPath Studio - Variables and Arguments 67%
4.0 UiPath Studio - Selectors 56%
5.0 UiPath Studio - Control Flow 70%
6.0 UiPath Studio - Data Manipulation 60%
7.0 UiPath Automation Concepts and Techniques 67%
8.0 UiPath Orchestrator Overview 86%

I find it hard to understand selectors or the programming used in the RPA. I have tried the practice test multiple times and managed to get all the answers. Is there any additional materials I can look at to have more practice?

Please help.

Thank you.
Lee Hui

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I think u can seek guidance of @Lahiru.Fernando @Parth_Doshi @lakshman @rajaneesh


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Hi @leehui. I can see you are almost there… I strongly recommend you to completed the RPA Developer foundation course in Academy with thorough understanding. Dont miss out any examples or exercise’s too.

If you have any issues in understanding connect with me directly. :slight_smile:

Happy to help and All the best )

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HI @leehui

Adding to my friend @rajaneesh’s comment… :slight_smile:

Read the following article… This gives you a good understanding how to prepare…

Also, feel free to reach out to me as well :slight_smile:

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Starting a new series for sharing my product knowledge and help clearing UiPath Associate and Advanced developer certificates.

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thank you…

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thank you

One of the big tricks is to get lots of hands on experience with UiPath Studio, know how to deploy and manage robots in UiPath Orchestrator, and learn the basics of programming and debugging.

Basic Programming Knowledge Helps

So be able to work with Strings and ints and variables. And know how to inspect those variables in the inspect window and output window of Studio.

Also, do lots of practice tests. The more tests you take, the more comfortable you’ll be when you take the exam.

It’s actually not a bid deal to fail the first time. It lets you know where to concentrate your study and it gets you familiar with the process. You’ll get a UiPath exam pass soon enough.

Good luck!


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Hi All I retook my exam again…but I still fail at 67%…

1.0 Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Fundamentals 60%
2.0 UiPath Studio Overview 80%
3.0 UiPath Studio - Variables and Arguments 56%
4.0 UiPath Studio - Selectors 78%
5.0 UiPath Studio - Control Flow 60%
6.0 UiPath Studio - Data Manipulation 70%
7.0 UiPath Automation Concepts and Techniques 83%
8.0 UiPath Orchestrator Overview 57%

I am not able to complete the RPA developer foundation course in Academy with thorough understanding as I don’t understand the programming language used in the workflows. Can someone help? I really need to pass the exam…

I am also not able to follow the exams on the orchestrator as the layout of the orchestrator looks different from the online tutorials

Hi All,I am a Business Analyst and preparing for rpa associate exam and completed all modules .Do I need to complete the rpa developer course to pass this associate exam?

Did you managed to pass your exam finaly?

I’m in the same boat as you. As a Business Analyst, don’t have any developer background, and I find very hard to pass the exam without it.
In my opinion, UiPath Assocciate Exam should be more focused on business perspective on RPA and general principles and using. Only in the Advanced (Developer) exam they should include specific questions that needs developer skills, even basic.
At this moment, I see it very discouraging to take that exam if you do not have developers skills. Also, most of us will found our way with basic development of simple Business Process using documentation and helps, even if we are noit developers. But asking for developer skills in Assocciate exam, when lot of people taking it who are not developers, is too much, IMHO.

Dear Forum,

Please guide can do online exam from home .

it is open book exam ?


Welcome to our UiPath community.

Yes you can take the exam from home or any Pearson center. You need to register in the below site to take the exam. Please check all Terms and conditions.


You can’t open any website or anything while taking the exam. Some proctor will monitor you till exam completion. If they suspect anything wrong you are doing then they will close the exam immediately and you will be failed.

Sounds like you should start with some basic programming courses. If you don’t understand programming logic, variables, functions, etc you are going to have trouble learning RPA.

I have some useful contents in my YouTube channel if you wish to clear UiPath Certification. Planning to add more contents on this topic.

Hi, Can you tell me what to study in automation concepts and techniques, as in UiPath academy there is no particular lesson named with this. So what all topic we can can include in this.