RPA Associate v1.0 Exam

I have completed the developer foundation learning plan. I took a sample test for RPA Associate v1.0 Exam. I did not do well at all. Are there more learning plans that I should go through besides the developer foundation plan to be ready for this certification?

Hello @Joe.from.Draeger ,

You should try that sample test multiple times until and unless you will not getting the satisfactory result and one important thing if you answer is in correct in the review section you will get the topic name under which topic that question falls and you can prepare that topic properly.


Hi @Joe.from.Draeger

Below are contents suggested by uipath for RPA Associate exam. Practice more on the below topics and you can easily get good score

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Fundamentals
UiPath Studio Overview
UiPath Studio – Variables and Arguments
UiPath Studio – Classic Selectors
UiPath Studio – Control Flow
UiPath Studio – Data Manipulation
UiPath Automation Concepts and Techniques
UiPath Orchestrator Overview


Hello @Joe.from.Draeger

It will be best if you give practice exam on UiPath academy. Questions will be similar to this one.

You can also try out practice tests over here. These are for UiPath Associate Learning Plan.

Ping me up if you found this helpful and mark my response as the correct one. Thank you!

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