How to pass the output(Data table/CSV/JSON) through api using POST request

Hi all,
I have the output ,which can be direct datatable/json/csv. this output i wanted to pass this data through post request to diffrent api.can anyone suggest the solution do it.

Any solution ?

If it is JSON you can pass it directly to the request or if the request accept the format data table you can send it too. But if it is CSV, you need to send it as attachment I guess. But I’m hoping so. If your post request method accepts files also, you can send it to the request directly.

Have you tried passing it directly? you got any issue?

I didnt tried paasing it.can you please elaborate bit,like how can i pass the data table in endpoint and is it the http request activity we need to use?

You need to pass the data in body here in the post request or in the headers (based on the method you have in the backend) .

Yes, you need to drag that activity and pass the output variable of the first request to the second request activity.

Hi Hareesh,am new to the uipath.Can you please look into my workflow and let me know what are the steps to create point and pass it another
Main.xaml|attachment](upload://mHe0PVWCL0tHHoxyFXSm4FPaIjz.xaml) (28.9 KB)

The attachment is missing :slight_smile:

And if you are able to send the first request, then create a variable in the result pane by clicking ctrl + k. Then pass the same variable to second request as body or in the URL param whatever required

Main.xaml (28.9 KB)
Hi @HareeshMR, this is the workflow. I wanted to create the API endpoint (POST) request and pass the whatever output to another output. Could you please explain with an example of how to create an endpoint for this output and transfer to another

If you see the screenshot, the first activity have the result in the variable in result variable

and I’m just passing it as the input for the another http activity

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