How to pass ParametersList instead of Parameters in Invoke Java Code activity


I have a scenario where I have N number of parameters to calculate a specific formula.

For example-> Formula is: max((abc),(ad)+e) = max((247),((2100)+5)) =205

But when I invoke the same logic through InvokeJavaCode activity, the answer is coming as 56(which is not correct). This might be because of wrong mapping of parameters to the formula.

So, Is it possible to map values to particular variable through ParametersList in properties? If Possible, Could you please help me how to achieve this.

Thanks in advance.

Hello @sowmya.krishna ,

There can be some problem with the formula…Please validate it again.

I think the parameter which you provided is correct and it will be passing as function(2,4,7,100,5)

If you want to create a paraleterlist, then you have create a list variable and need to pass it to the field.

  • ParametersList - An array of Object variables, containing the parameters you want to pass to the Java method. This field supports only List<Object> variables.

The Parameters field enables you to add plain-text arguments and the ParametersList field enables you to load them from preexisting variables. These two property fields have the same function. An argument cannot be null.

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