How to pass data table in email without headers


I am trying to pass a data table (Where data is read from Excel File) to Body of the Outlook Email. Issue is it passing with headers which I don’t want. As well as I want to give proper format to Email as well. How would I do ? Would you please help.

Here is my code.Main.xaml (19.3 KB)

I want to print it without headers as well as want to give proper format to email as well.

When I am selecting AddHeaders property, it somehow prints column1 in place of A3 cell value.

Would you please help.

Thank you

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I did not understand about the headers issue, but did you try appending html tags to your Datatable string?

and check isbodyhtml in send outlook mail?

Do you have any example. I know how to write html tags but how to append them with uiPath



Thanks :slight_smile: It worked… :slight_smile:

The table structure is lost in your code :frowning: