How to pass another datatable as filter in select method

i need to pass datatable as filter condition in select method.

please find below

DT1.Select(“[employee_id] NOT IN DT2.Select([“Employee ID”])”)
can anyone help me on this

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Instead of this method, I suggest you to use Join Datatables activity.

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Hi @Tamilarasanaccet

Small addition to @lakshman post. You can use the join data table as @lakshman mentioned. And for the join type, use left join. This will allow you to get values as null for the columns that come from second data table. Then use a filter data table and filter out the rows that come as null for one of the columns you get from the second DT.



while using join table show error as below
RemoteException wrapping System.ArgumentException: Data Table 2


Can I see a screenshot of that activity on how you configured it?


Since you are joining by only one column, having not equal will not work. I would suggest to use join type as “Left” and column join operation as “Equal”.

What happens with that is, it will join with the matching records, the records which do not have a match in DT 2 will have nulls for the columns that come under 2nd data table.

Then use another filter data table activity to filter the records with nulls…

It will work for you

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@Lahiru.Fernando I am using join with equal and is giving me the same error RemoteException wrapping System.ArgumentException: Data Table 1 , what should i fix?