How to pass a multi-line text via a string?

Hi all,

After realizing that, despite how easy and dummy-proof uiPath could be, you still require some understanding of programming language. So decided to purchase a textbook on Python and started studying. So far so good.

Here in my dumb (newbie) question.

In Python,

a = “”"
… A
… B
… C
… “”"

When you print:-


This happens.

How do I achieve this uiPath?

Aw… the life of a newbie.

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Add environment.newline between your chars.

Sidenote - a. Net language will be easier to transfer knowledge from to Uipath. I’d recommend either or c#. While Python is a great language it has enough differences from net that you might struggle a bit.

Strtemp = “a”+ Environment.Newline+ “b”+ Environment.Newline+“c”

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Thanks for that. Truly appreciate your advice.

Thanks mate.