How to overcome 'Document Recovery' error occuring in Excel while executing macros in Uipath


I have couple of macros executing using execute macro activity but after the bot has completed execution when i try to open excel file manually then it shows document recovery error like below image in excel

any guesses how to resolve this issue


Hi @Vikram212

After executing the macro are you closing the Excel


no sir …not closing

This link may help you,

this is not working for me my friend
as in every run the excel file have that error “Document recovery”

so far i tried using Kill process activity,
then i also tried using workbook.close method in every macro but here it will another error “failed to execute macro”, so i am not using this method


Anybody can pls here, I still not got the solution for this problem ?

Has there been any update on this. I am having similar trouble now, but a windows update was done recently too.

It only affects my biggest macro file. If i save or close, it takes longer and then next time i open it has a recovered workbook that had “no repairs needed”

I resolved my problem when i wrote a line of code at the end Inside the macro

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