How to open Temp folder using invoke code activity

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How to open Temp folder using Invoke code Activity. Please tell the code to write inside Invoke code activity to open the Temp folder

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Hi @varun_shinde1,

Can you please elaborate more on this, like which Temp folder you want access etc.


Hi @varun_shinde1

You can try with For each File in folder activity

Have a look on the post



We can do it simply with a combination of send hot keys and type into activity

The steps involved are as follows

  1. Use a Send hot key activity and mention the key as win+r without indicating any element

  2. Then use a Type into activity where indicate that run conman prompt window and mention the input value as

And enable send window message property in that type into activity


If you want to try with c# code then


Cheers @varun_shinde1