How to open Outlook mail attachment (Excel) without saving


Can anyone please suggest me how to open the Outlook attachment without saving it?
I have design the flow like if outlook mail have attachment then open it and if all the details mached in attachment then only save it.

I have used below loop where item will be my current mail and I want to open the attachment for the same.



is there a good reason why you don’t want to (temporarily) save the attachment?

Typically UiPath can read files (Excel/Csv/Txt/Word/Pdf/etc) very easily with specific activities once you have downloaded them. Seems like a big effort to open a file to read it. It is much less complicated to just read it in the background.

I recommend saving every attachment (temporarily) to read it. Decide if you want to move the files to a more permanent location or delete the files again if you don’t want to keep them.

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The Outlook.Attachment object does not actually contain the attached file, It contains a link to the attached file, with some associated metadata.

The attachment is a file. if you want to interact with it, you have to treat it like a file, and that means saving it out to the local disk or should be on Exchange server.

It is not able to do via the Outlook Object Model, but MAPI i.e Microsoft Messaging Api surely allows you that.

Tip - Redemption Also might help with Existing Outlook Object model.

Amar Yelane

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I think there is no such option in mail activity and I would suggest the same what @lukasziebold and @Amar_Yelane mentioned and that’s the ideal way of approach

Cheers @nilesh.mahajan