How to save an Outlook attachment and immediately open it?


I am trying to save an excel file from an outlook attachment and then have the robot open that file to make changes to it. I have managed to get as far as saving the attachment in the folder I want but cannot seem to find a way to open the file from there.

This is what I have so far:

I am receiving this error in the “Move File” Activity when using the output from the “Save Attachments” Activity:

You should not need to move the file, as you can use save attachments to say where you want the files directly… after you can use read all files from the directory you chose and open the excel inside it…

The move file was acting solely to rename the file. This is a recurring file that will have a different name every week so I was trying to make the directory only look at the newest one, which I think would be overridden by “Move File” each week.

Your error is solely because you are passing to move file a list of strings for the Path and it need to be only one string…

How do I make it so that the file path is only one string?
When I change the variable type to string the entire process errors out.

where is your currentList coming from?

It is the output of the save attachment activity

oh ok, but you want to move all attachments or you are sure that it always will have one and only one attachment? If it is one, use currentList(0) if it can be more then use for each using the currentList

Thank you, that worked initially. However, I am now receiving this error when trying to run tests on older files.

I am logged in as an administrator and have access to all of the file locations.

Save only the required attachments by using the filter expression in save attachment activity- there are forum posts around how to use it. Once saved just iterate through files in the directory you saved at to rename the files. Once renamed you can do a start process to open the files.

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