How to open HTTP sites

When i open the HTTP url using Open Browser with Edge (ex:, but the activity opens the URL with HTTPS like Any thoughts how to open the URL with HTTP?

Please visit this link in your edge browser edge://flags/#edge-automatic-https
Click on the dropdown in front of Automatic HTTPS and select disabled from the list.
Click on restart button at bottom to restart the browser and see if this fixes your issue.

Thanks for your input, But i am not able to find the option Automatic HTTPS…


It’s the settings of Edge browser which is changing this from http to https. You can change this by following below steps:

  1. Open Edge Browser
  2. Enter this in URL edge://settings/content/insecureContent
  3. Add URL of the in Allow List

Done. Now your browser should open the site with HTTP only

Ashok :slight_smile: