How to open excel applicatiion using VB.NET?



how to open excel using VB.NET? by using invoke code activity?



Use open application activity and indicate an excel file when it is open and so the file name property and selector for open application activity will be set automatically.Capture



Hi @vijai1,

use the Below code using Invoke code sctivity

 Dim xlsApp As Excel.Application = Nothing
        Dim xlsWorkBooks As Excel.Workbooks = Nothing
        Dim xlsWB As Excel.Workbook = Nothing

        xlsApp = New Excel.Application
        xlsApp.Visible = True
        xlsWorkBooks = xlsApp.Workbooks
        xlsWB = xlsWorkbooks.Open("strExcelFilePath")



hi arivu,

i have got this. but we need to add a few more lines in xaml file as it is not recognizing the code.


@vijai1 can u share the code?