How to convert Interop.Excel.workbook to UiPath.Excel.Application Using Invoke Code

I´m Using invoke code with the excel path as input argument and open as Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Workbook and i want to convert to UiPath.Excel.workbookApplication to use their methods


Ineterop’s Workbook and Uipath.Excel’s Workbook are not compatible.

Microsoft.Interop is a ComObject-based library, but Uipath is not compatible with each other because it uses XML, OpenOffice-based SDKs such as ClosedXML and NPOI.

Thanks for the clarification, i expected it.
do you know how to open a uipath workbook application from the invoke code activity?

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I am decompiling and viewing uipath.excel, uipath.excel.application is implemented as Interop, and workbookfile is implemented as Closedxml.

It seems unlikely to be implemented, but what more can I do to help? About casting?

OR Using

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thanks a lot man !! , it is all that i was looking for :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am happy to be able to help you.

help me sir.

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