How to open a PDF file

How to open a PDF file. I’m using “Invoke Method” Activity


Hi @ELanchas,

This method doesn’t open a file, actually it returns a file stream from it, you just forgot to add the necessary parameters.

In this case, you could use the Start Process activity to start/open an application/file/process. You just need to pass the path for this file. Please try it and let us know.


Thank you very much @acaciomelo

It’is just what I needed


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I just wanted to add here that if you are using a FOR EACH process,

…you can call that item as your PDF file location to be opened.

I’m not particularly sure if ELanchas could use that extra info at all but this seems the appropriate thread to mention the possibility.

I used the solution given, just added that to it as needed and it works perfectly so you can use a variable to call your file you’d like opened.