How to open a excel file with different Name

Hi all, I would like to open an Excel from a folder whose name changes. The Excel is from a report and has a sequential number next to the name. The bot should always go into the folder and open the table without me telling it exactly what the table is currently called.

give a try on
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But we recommend following
use an assign Activity:
leftSide: arrFiles | DataType Array of String
right side:

Us an IF activity
Condition: Directory.GetFiles("C:\Test\BOT",“REPORT*.xlsx”).Length > 0
Then: FileName = Directory.GetFiles("C:\Test\BOT",“REPORT*.xlsx”).First()
Else: error handling of missing file

For StudioX maybe similar can be done with filtering by using the For Each File in Folder activity

In StudioX:

Thank you all, it works great.