Read Excel on Studio with a different name

Hi, i want to read range with a different excel name. The excel comes from a Report and thats the rason for the diffenerent name. The Folder is the same but a part of the Excel name is different. on the Uipath Studio X works but on the Studio not. Who´s can i help me?

Hi @NHoe

Do you know the excel name you want to read?


Hi, “C:\Test\REPORT 742 .xlsx” t Number is change at the next report, that is the problem.

Hey @NHoe

Instead, You can try reading the file inside the folder directly


for loop item - Directory.GetFiles(“C:\Test")
item.Tostring // This would be complete path for your excel file
Read Range: Item.ToString


Hi, thank you for your quick reply.
So far I have used the Studio X version and implemented the following there, but I can’t manage to recreate the whole thing in the Studio