How to only print attachments and not include embedded pictures in Outlook


I am trying to make a workflow where I print out all the attachments in a mail, using get outlook mail activity.

It works fine until I get an email where someone have attached let’s say 5 PDF files, and embedded one picture (company logo etc.) into the mail.

UIPath seems to think that it is now 6 attachments, and it tries to download one “extra”.

The reason why this is a problem is because I can’t use the “save attachment” activity. I am not going to save them, I want to print. So far my program can print all emails that doesn’t have these embedded pictures in it. Is there a way I can exclude these files?

I am currently using a click button with a variable in the selector. So that it will click whatever attached file with the name “attachment.Name” variable.

UIPath version 2018.1.2

Thanks in advance.

I guess you can try to save all the attachments in a string variable. Then, in the Mail sender activity, paste that string.

It should work.



Hm, I’m not sure that I follow.

I want to only print out the attachment in the mail. I’m not going to send any mails. Only receive and send to the printer.

Maybe I don’t understand, but, do you want to print all the attachments right ?

So, you can read one, save it in a string variable. Then, with the 2nd, you do the same adding the new attachment to previous string. In that way, you will have a variable with all the attachments that you have read.

Is that what you want? Maybe you are asking for something else… sorry if I’m answering wrong.

In you case did you try saving/printing only PDF attachments?

create a variable downloadAttachment of type MailMessage.Attachments

downloadAttachment = email.Attachments.Where(Function(s) s.Name.Contains("pdf"))

This could work. Thank you, I will try

@vvaidya Thanks vvaidya. I solved it with "“pdf”).

Another question:

If someone send me an email with two attachments with the same name. How can I differentiate between these?
As of now I use the name of the PDf file to click on the name attribute in the selector. But if I have two files with the same name, my current program would click on the same file because it wouldn’t recognise that it were more attachments than one.

Any ideas?

Quick question : how are you Printing the attachments, by opening the Outlook and clicking on attachment?

Yes, that’s the only way I found possible

This option in Outlook Print doesn’t work for you?


Yes. But I would still have to loop each mail in the inbox. And manually click on “file” -> “print” -> “print options” -> “print attached files” etc for each mail?