How to notice if web page have changed


Any idea how to detect if web page has changed from last visit?

I follow few web pages and visit them regulary to see if new content has added to them. Get an idea if UiPath process could open webpages and if it notices they have changed from previous checkout, send email notification. Process would be schduled with win Task Manager.

Pages are very simple, changes are just new links to pdf documents.



Hi @erva

If the structure of the webpage is not complicated, you could try extracting with Data Scraping.
You can save the resulting data table to MS Excel.

Then, if you scrape the same website for the second time, you could compare the resulting table with the previous one on a row per row basis.

Depending on how complicated the website really is, this simple approach might require some clever data table manipulations, but should still be viable.

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Thanks, Data Scraping works. I never have thought that list of PDF:s is table that can be read to DataTable.

When page is changed, i make Excel macro to delete old content and append from DataTable new content to Excel.