How to develop UIPath scripts that will be compatible with web page changes

Hi All,

We are trying to automate a flow based on web pages. However, there are frequent changes to the web page like the elements on the web page change or the navigation to a particular page changes. Is there any way we can develop the UIPath scripts that will be compatible with these changes i.e, will adjust to the changes and not require any changes even after the web page change?


Hi @bhanumac

If the website changes frequently to the point where UiPath is no longer able to recognize the controls, it will require your manual intervention.

To minimize the time spent on implementing those changes, you can break down the process into chunks that will be easily editable.
For example, if the selector for the “Next” button changes frequently, you can create a separate workflow that will take care of just this click. You can then invoke this subflow whenever needed, and in case of change, only edit this one file to apply the change everywhere else.

For major changes to the structure of the webpage it is much trickier to handle.