How to move to next row in 2 different Datatables

Hey everyone,

I have 2 data tables that I need to get the values in their rows.

I made a for each activity to take actions for each row, but i need info from both datatables what i mean is like i need something like “for each row in datatable1 and datatable2” when im done with the first row of these i need to move to second row in both data tables.

I hope it makes sense.

Thank you in advance.

@berkaykor Can you explain a bit more as to What you want to do exactly? Do you want to get the row from the Second Datatable which matches a particular value in First Datatable ?

not really

I have to take first row of dt1, use the values, take the first row on dt2, use the values

Then i want to go the next line on dt1 take action and also next line in dt2 and use the values

so what i mean is i want to get to next row in both datatables in for each row activity
but i can only give 1 datatable as input to that activity.