How to merge two data tables to write to the same row?

Hi I’m very new to RPA,

I was wondering how to merge two data tables together so that it would output to the same row? So far I have two data tables but when I add data row to the second data table and merge them together it writes it under the first data table, like so.

My first data table contains everything up to the Country column, and my second data table contains Approvals and Notes column, but I want the output of “Yes” and the “15%” to appear on the same row as the first one where it says “Mouse Company”

How do I get the second data table to write to the first row? Any help would be appreciated I could also share my workflow if need be.

—Usually when we are trying to use merge activity
Both the datatable should have same set of columns that is same number of columns, same order of columns, and same data type of columns(which is applicable only when merging two Datatable created from builddatatable)
— so here we are missing with that and so we cannot use merge datatable here
— rather we can still use a normal way of handling excel like read range and write cell activity which would work as you expect
—for that use excel application scope and pass the file Path of first excel file as input
—use read range activity and get the output with a variable of type datatable named outdt
— repeat the same above two steps for another excel and get the output with read range as a variable of type outdt2
— use for each row loop and pass the above variable outdt2 as input and inside the loop use a assign activity like this get the value of Approval and Notes
— use write cell activity and mention the above obtained variables as input and mention the cell position as well to enter those values

Hope this would help you
Cheers @Noob534


So I can do everything besides your last two steps, is there any way you could show me a workflow for using the for each row loop and how would I use the assign function to get the values in the cells?