How to merge Multiple Excel File with If condition file is Found or Not

Hi, I have multiple Excel file that generated Robot. Now I want to know that how to merged excel file “Manually TIS-Excel File”. But Questing is sometimes some file is not generated so not fixed code with TIS ID. So how to use IF condition that ignore if not found TIS ID in this folder.

In this excel list user is different category so i want to manually filtered and merged but if not found file then check next file.

Check Check File exists or not

IF File.Exists(filepath)

Karthik Byggari

@KarthikByggari, Can you described more.


Use Path Exist Activity with that excel file, if it returns false then skip that file.

Ok, I use Path Exist activity. But how to merge multiple excel file in this folder with if condition. because of sometimes some file is not exist in this folder.
Example: I have 10 Excel File…

  1. First, i want to merge excel file 1,3,4,5 merged 1.xlsx.
  2. Second, i want to merged 2,6 file 2.xlsx
  3. Third, merged 7,8,9,10 file in 3.xlsx
    In this folder sometimes missed any file suppose file 10 is not in folder then it shown error so how to ignor and completed this task.
    Thank you.


You need to know what are the files to be merged, have to pass that filenames one by one before the merge activity. If the Path Exist Returns True then we have to merge that file, else you can continue with other files.

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When path exist file is true then how to merged use this path exist variable

In any folder all files keep & merged the all files is easy for task. But how to manually merged from in this folder.

Thanks to all this problem is solved. I used different way for this solution. That if file found then move and merged. But have any another way that manually merged some listed file in any folder.

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