HELP: Excel Contains Files To Check if Exists

This would be my very first post.

I have an excel file which has two columns
Column A: Full File Path
Column B: Yes/No (Include File?)

So I want to create an iteration where I want to check if all the “Yes” files exists.

That’s it…I know there’s next step but for now I just need an answer to that… did my research but I couldn’t seem to find anything like this… but yes there are one’s that checks a single file.

There are plenty of questions which describe exactly what you have in mind :slight_smile:
Check out the For Each Row activity first. Then, have look at the Path Exists activity. If you’re still stuck, let us know.

Hello @zbatev,

Welcome to UiPath Community Forum. you can follow these that you can achieve it.

1.Read the excel file into DataTable using ReadRange Activity (Called dtTable).
2. Filter the datatable with condition and stored into a new dataTable (Called dtResult) as below.

  1. Do a loop with dtResult and you can check the values.