How to merge excel using vb code in uipath

I need to merge particular range of cells to merge using vb code

Hi @sruthesanju

It can be done using invoke method activity



dt2 will be merged with dt1

Hi @sruthesanju ,

Any specific reason you are looking for vb code.

You can also use activity.

I need to merge cells in excel not in datatable

can you show be the input and output you want to display ?
You can attach any test file or screenshot here.


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@sruthesanju - you can try this…



I need merge cell range from b1:b6 the cell range may get differ

Try this.
MergeCells.xaml (5.3 KB)

Getting below mention issue

Have you passed correct file path and sheet name in arguments of invoke code

Is it possible for you to share the excel on which you are running ?

It’s working on my machine

Its working

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