How to merge data from another datatable into a specified index Of already existin DT

I have a situation Where I am extracting data from a webpage into a datatable inside a while loop . So i am getting 4 different data which I have specified in different color above.

My need is I need to merge each dt into row indexes 1,2,3 specifically and get the output dt to write into an excel.

Need to get the blank columns as the present value above it like a copy paste.

Can anyone help me have a solution

Hello @Kevin_Palathuruthy,

While extracting the data, inside an Excel Application Scope, you can use the Append Range activity to insert data into the Excel File below the information it is already there, if the column it is empty it will came as blank.
Populate the data you want in a data table, leave blank the columns you do not need.

Any questions please let me know


hi @William_Blech_Sister

Can we take the Values of columns (Flat_Price, Discounted_Price, Saved_Price ) from row 1 and write in the rows of same columns which are yellow highlighted?

Yes @Kevin_Palathuruthy , you can for sure

Can you explain in more detail what you want to do?!


The above screenshot is of the datatable I got as output .

I am requiring a output from that need to add datarows from another datatable and output should be as below

Now after this process Needed to Take the existing values as write in the blank cells below as

I think U have got it

Hello @Kevin_Palathuruthy,

I have done a template based on your pictures using the Excel Modern Experience.
If it helps you please mark my answer as a solution

Any questions please let me know. Regards

ExcelModernExperienceForEachRow.xaml (21.0 KB)
ExcelTemplate.xlsx (9.5 KB)