How to maximize the excel file that i open?

Hey guys, im kinda pissed off at why it is not opening the excel when i already put win+up combination to maximize the excel and i have tried other methods to open but still cant.

As you can see the excel is hiding, which i dont want i want it to open >:(

Use attach window activity, in that set property maximize window…cool

i cant i must use excel application scope else my project wont work

Hope useful

Window Manipulation (

my suggestion is, add attach window, select active excel application, edit selector by wildcard chars, then finally use maximize window activity and give excel window selector value in it.

@SIM_JUN_HUI_BERTRAM_CSOD - there is a maximize window activity there in Uipath, you can use that…


Alt+space+x → send this using send Hotkey activity.

Hope this helps…

still cannot im rlly getting pissed off

@SIM_JUN_HUI_BERTRAM_CSOD - Please show us the what you have tried based on the solution I provided??




The problem is sometimes it work sometimes it dont open so is not 100% working

@SIM_JUN_HUI_BERTRAM_CSOD - try Alt+space+x…it works 100%. you can try it manually.


Yes,yes i know but this little bastard is hiding and not opening up it is doing the alt+space+x on the uipath instead

@SIM_JUN_HUI_BERTRAM_CSOD - I used, indicated on screen and selected the excel and omitted the title…and it worked…


nvm i find another way

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