Not able to maximize the window from taskbar

Hi All,

I am trying to maximize the window from taskbar to perform actions in it but not getting the output.

Please help

Hello @Vishal_Singh1 ,

I just tested on my machine, seems that is working.

Can you verify if the selector of the Attach windows is correct?

What’s the result of your action?


Hi @Vishal_Singh1 ,

I can think of below options.

Option 1 : Use Click Image activity on maximize window button.

Option 2 : Use Send HotKey activity and send Ctrl + space or F11 .

Hope this is helpful. :slight_smile:

Hi @Shraddha_Gore ,

Tried both methods but didnt work


It doesn’t detect the selector and throws an error.

Can you add a screenshot with the selector/error?

Hi, Try re-indicating window again & see if selector is validated.

Hi @Vishal_Singh1

Use this .xaml. (7.4 KB) and let me know.


Hi @Jayesh_678 tried it already didnt work out.

Appreciate your help.

Hi @Vishal_Singh1

You can use “Excel application scope” which will open excel file. Inside excel application scope you can perform your task.


@Jayesh_678 this is already in an excel application scope.

You want me to put another scope and then perform the task?

If it is inside excel application scope then no need to use attach window or maximize window. Bot will open it in maximize size. Just make sure in excel application scope property you check visible.

The visible is checked and it opens in the taskbar but dont maximize.

Could it be because of the runtime error i am getting because of a click text i am using to open the file??


Can you paste your selector here, so we can easily recognize it?

answers given by other fellows must solve your solve problem…


Hi @Vishal_Singh1,

Put * in title, may solve your problem