How to match contents between sheets?

Hi, I am rather new to Uipath and encountered a problem in matching between sheets.
I have two sheets, sheetA contains keywords such as “apple, pear, king” in Cell A2 and “x, y” in Cell A3, while sheetB is a big chunk of data.

For example, i wish to match Cell A2 with sheetB, if the any one key word is found in sheetB, the robot will return the serial number in the first column in sheetB as the output, there will be multiple matches for a single keyword, i wish to return the serial number for all matches and match all keywords in sheetA. Is this doable? really appreecaite your help and thank you in advance!

Can you share dummy excel i.e. Sheet A and Sheet B
with required output excel as you expected.

Then definitely I will give you workflow

Thank you Sager_Gupta! I have attached the sample here, please do let know if you need more things. Sample.xlsx (34.1 KB)

monday i will help you😊

Thank you so much! really appreciate your kind help :grinning: :grinning:

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