How to compare cell values of two sheets and write Matched items

iam comparing sheet 1 cells A,B,C to Sheet2 Cells A,B,C

if both cell contains same value then it copy C & D cell from sheet 2 to sheet 1

like this

Can anyone help me!?


Try like this

  1. read range - Dt1
  2. read range - Dt2
  3. Assign intCounter = 1
  4. Take one for each row pass the Dt1 - CurrentRow1
  5. Take one more for each row and pass the Dt2 - CurrentRow2
  6. Take one if condition and pass the expression like this
CurrentRow1(0).ToString.Trim.Equals(CurrentRow2(0).ToString.Trim) or CurrentRow1(1).ToString.Trim.Equals(CurrentRow2(1).ToString.Trim)

In then block take 3 write cell activities

Write Cell - 1
Value - CurrentRow(2).ToString.Trim
Range - “C2:C”+(intCounter+1).ToString

Write Cell - 2
Value - CurrentRow(3).ToString.Trim
Range - “D2:D”+(intCounter+1).ToString

Write Cell - 3
Value - CurrentRow(2).ToString.Trim
Range - “E2:E”+(intCounter+1).ToString

Take one assign activity and pass the value like this

intCounter = intCounter+1

Try this and let me know