How to mark an outlook email as done or completed

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I am a newbie to Uipath but i have been enjoying it so far. I am currently working with the get outlook activity to get emails from a shared mailbox. After the process is completed i would like to mark the email as “done” or completed. I have searched and can`t seem to find any instructions on how this can be done.Any help would be much appreciated.

In Get outlook mailmessage, there is a MarkAsRead property. Once the mail is read, it will mark it as Read,

Thank you. I already know how to mark it as read and unread. What I am trying to do is to mark it as done. I have attached an image of button used to mark an email as done in outlook.Capture

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i developed an activity for doing this.
Have a look at Alphabet.Workflow.Activities.
It’s available in your Community-Plugins:
Feedback is warmly welcome!
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Hi @mwerner

Can i get same in invoke code…


Hi, Can you help with which activity you have used for developing this solution. I tried to search in (link you provided in comment) but not found any activity related to mark email as Done/Complete.

Thank you.