How to make two click activity in repetitive nature


Anyone help please?
I want to make two click activity in repetitive: after first click activity, second click activity should be start but in repetitive nature. Please go through the image for further information

Use For Each and loop through it?

I am beginner, Could you please help how and where to use

You should really check out the online academy, it has a lot of knowledge.

I can help you, but can you explain what you are trying to do?

Please go through the screenshot.
I want to automate this web application, Actually we have to click on select and then we do click on Move to process queue button, We have to do it manually until queue is empty

Okay so lets try this:

  1. Create a variable for the number of queues, lets call it QueueNumber
  2. Get the queue value (the number 91 from the picture), put it in the variable mentioned above, do some manipulations so you make it a Number not a String
  3. Make second variable called Counter, initialize it with 1.
  4. Make a While loop, the condition should be while Counter < QueueNumber then >>>
  5. In the while loop place your two Click Items activities
  6. After those activities increment the counter with Assign activity, it should be Counter = Counter + 1

If there is not a lot of dynamic parts this should help you build your automation project.
Ofc there will probably be some fixing, but I belive you can do it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help I will try and will let you know

@Shadab - @srdjan.suc makes a good point. Check out the Academy. For this issue to solve it you will need to use “Data Scraping” on the table - this will create a UI Path DataTable variable that has organized data in it.

Once in this format, you can iterate through each row by using the For Each Row Activity and can extract each link one at a time to apply each of your click activities on.
It may look something like this: