How to Make Spesific Excel Rows Bold

Hi everyone,

I had asked a question like that before but then something has changed. So i want to ask my question more spesific way this time.

I have to make the fonts of some specific rows in an excel file bold.

If “Expense” column contains “Total Expense”, I want that rows text to be bold. In addition, the header row should be bold.

Is there anyone who tell me how may i create this loop? I know i have to use for each row and if but do not know how to make it.

May someone help please?

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Hey @mazlumkacar

What you can do is…

  • Use excel application scope and open the excel file.
  • In that use a read range to read the data so that you can get the number of rows…
  • use a for each row loop and loop through…
  • within the loop, have a variable that increments in each iteration. This variable can be used to identify the row number…
  • have a if condition to check whether the current row has the required value
  • if true, use select range activity and specify the range and highlight that row. You can use the variable we created to specify the range…
  • now use the hot key activity and pass the ctrl + B to change the font style yo bold

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