How to make removes values in single cell?


I’m extracting some values from webpage instead of Writing like this

it’s writing like this New column 0
language tag
Decide for me

I want to remove - New column 0
language tag
Decide for me

and follow the same loop for each row.


Can u elaborate a little bit
Couldn’t get the question @Naman_Arora

Hi @Naman_Arora ,
I think we can set it when get from web
or when you get like that, we can remove values in cell which we don’t need keep
can you share your website need get data or your data and expect output

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Hi @Naman_Arora

To remove the unwanted rows follow the same loop for each row while extracting values from a webpage

  1. Data Scraping (to extract data from the webpage)
  2. Filter Data Table (to remove unwanted rows)
    • Condition 1: Column1 <> ‘New column 0’
    • Condition 2: Column1 <> ‘language tag’
    • Condition 3: Column1 <> ‘Decide for me’
  3. For Each Row (in the filtered data table)
    • Extract values from the row and process them as needed
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My question is - How I can remove these words “New column 0
language tag
Decide for me” from excel cell. ?

Is there any VBA formula ?

@vinitha_yachamaneni Thank you so much I can try this. But the variable in Data Table, I want to write as a string in each cell. If there possibility to do that ?

@Nguyen_Van_Luong1 Hi I places a selector on that particular value but it not extracting that, So I placed a selector on the whole box. Then it’s started extracting the values with these extra work words like “New column 0
language tag
Decide for me”.


Assuming you have a DataTable named yourDataTable and a variable named yourVariable that you want to write into each cell:

  • Place a “For Each Row” activity in your workflow and configure it to loop through the rows of your DataTable (yourDataTable )
  • Use an “Assign” activity to set the value of a specific column in the current row to your variable.
  • For example, if you want to write the value of yourVariable into a column named “ColumnName” in each row:
 row("ColumnName") = yourVariable.ToString()
  • Make sure to use the .ToString() method to convert the variable to a string before assigning it to the column.

Here’s a simplified representation of the workflow:

  1. For Each Row (in yourDataTable)
    • Assign: row(“ColumnName”) = yourVariable.ToString()


Is the words are constant for other extracting data also

new column 0
Language tag
Decider me

Hi @ you can try this link query

(From row In inputDataTable.AsEnumerable()
                                  Where Not {"New column 0", "language tag", "Decide for me"}.Contains(row("YourColumnName").ToString)
                                  Select row).CopyToDataTable()

I got it @Naman_Arora
I want to know when you select specific value, what is the error here?
When you select all the data you have, you need to delete some unnecessary values, that’s right
→ I think taking it all and deleting some unnecessary values can be used
can you share your opinion about the data when you get it all and expect the output, we can use for each row of data to delete all the rows which we don’t need

HI @Naman_Arora

You can see in the input in build data table …it will remove the New column 0,
language tag,Decide for me if it present

try this query

(From row In dt.AsEnumerable()
                                  Where Not {"New column 0", "language tag", "Decide for me"}.Contains(row("Text").ToString)
                                  Select row).CopyToDataTable()

out put : -

let me know if it working or not



To remove specific rows from a DataTable in UiPath based on a condition, you can use the Select method to filter the rows you want to keep and then create a new DataTable with those rows. Here’s how you can achieve this using an Assign activity

DataTable = DataTable.AsEnumerable() _
.Where(Function(row) Not row(“ColumnNameOrIndex”).ToString.Contains(“New column 0”) AndAlso
Not row(“ColumnNameOrIndex”).ToString.Contains(“language tag”) AndAlso
Not row(“ColumnNameOrIndex”).ToString.Contains(“Decide for me”)) _