How to make default selection in the Input Dialog Box?




When the Input Dialog activity is run, no values are selected by default. Is it possible to make a default selection in an Input Dialog Box which has multiple options (Radio Buttons)?



I don’t think it is possible with the exisiting activity.

Work around is you could force the user to select an option or select a default value after 5 (arbitrary) attempts and ask the user to confirm that to move forward.



Here is one way of doing it. (B) as default selection.
Main.xaml (8.2 KB)


I did something similar, but thought it would be complex for small process.

inputDil.xaml (16.3 KB)



Using the Native InputBox from Visual Basic you can achieve it.
Assign a variable String with:

InputBox(“This is the input box”,“InputBox”,“Default Value”)

Once the selection will it will assign the value to this variable.

a small example here.

inputDil.xaml (8.7 KB)



@vvaidya @ddpadil Thanks, but what I was looking for is (or the client’s requirement was) to let the user see that the default radio button is selected in the Input Dialog box. We have 2 options in the Input Dialog box and I’ve designed it so as the flow will be go further with one of those options by default, even if the user does not select an option. But what they asked is if it’s possible to keep the default option clicked in the first Input dialog box.

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Midhun Sugathan


This looks good, although this does not fulfil my current requirement. The function InputBox was new to me. Could you please advice if it’s possible to provide more than one options in the Input Dialog box and make it Radio Buttons? Or let me put it this way, can we use InputBox code to display an Input Dialog box without using the Input Dialog Box activity?

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Midhun Sugathan


In that case you can just mention in the label(saying that default value =) of input dialog box.
May not be the best solution. :stuck_out_tongue:


If nothing happens we are planning to do the same! xD Anyway, thank you so much for your help.

Midhun Sugathan



Sorry i missed the part with the Radio button.
The only way i would see you could achieve it in radio button would be to use UiPath in a parallel activity to select your value once the dialog has popped.