How to make datatable with variable number of columns?



I’m making a datatable, but the number of columns and rows needs to be different from one run to the next. How do you make a datatable where the number of columns is a variable?


@stefan count the number values in array or any other thing. Use loop, inside it use add data column for each values. Based on values u number of values u get, different number of columns are created.


So there is no way of making the datatable ‘‘directly’’?
Like New DataTable(x_rows, y_columns)


@Stefan1 i dont have knowledge about that.


Okey, thank you!


DataTableSample.xaml (7.6 KB)

Here you go, please check the sample. :+1:


@bala_subramanyam great, thank you!


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Append range is your friend.

Check this out

Append Range