Create Datatable - 200 Columns



Hello All,

I have a excel file with 200 columns, is there a quick way to create a datatable using the file i have with the column already inside?

Then copying each row into the datatable to then work from?

Thanks in advance, hopefully there is a way apart from manually creating each column.



You can just use read range activity for that! That automatically gives you a data table…it also gives a option to include headers or not, that can vary as per your requirement.


Ok excellent, how do I view that datatable after production?

Next step is to put variables into a system, one by one as they need to go into different fields.

simple are targeting the column heading?


Use a for each row first
then use assign activity to fetch the values as:
row(“yourcolumnname”).tostring (This will get stored in a variable, let’s say, a)
Now use this variable anywhere you want, i.e if you want to fill the data somewhere use a type into and pass the variable a into it!


Just like this! You can use this variable a anywhere you want!

P.S. Ignore the error :stuck_out_tongue:



Have done that, now to build up all my variables, 314 to assign lol


Oh damn, I ignored that part lol!