How to make a UIPath script run as an exe

I have a couple scripts that I’d like to put into send to a group as an exe so they would just click the exe and it would execute each script sequentially.

How can I do this?

As far as i know, its not possible to create exe script for your project.

You can start a process from studio, robot tray, orchestrator, batch file, task scheduler etc but each of them need a setup of UiPath Studio/Robot installed in that particular system.

Rammohan B.

This isn’t possible, as it would defeat the purpose of Uipath’s licensing agreement. Each machine running a robot needs to have a license

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@JoeCap are you trying to keep your code logic as secrete ? ha ha ha … just kidding…
If you publish the xaml … then it will generate a .nupkg file which will not show you inside code logic… and you can run nugget package as an exe by using UiPath Agent…

Hope my inputs are useful.

Can you explain how can we create an exe file and is ti necessary to install uipath studio in the machines in which we are going to execute the exe file

@Ejaz44, My point is as an exe file you can run nugget package but not exactly an exe file.
UiPath Source code can’t keep it secrete. When you publish a package from Publish button from UiPath Design tab then UiPath will create a .nugget package. When you access this nugget package from UiPath Agent (Robot) in the system tray first time this nuggest package will be un packed in .Net45 folder. So, all source code will be shipped and un packed in the machine. So, No EXE can be created by publishing a package.

I want to ask you one thing that you said that I can run the .nugget package using UiRobot, so is it necessary to download UiPath Studio with UiRobot.

If you have enterprise license (Not development license) then you can install only Robot. Not UiPath Studio. Robot can execute .Nugget Package. No Need for UiPath Studio.

I am having community version(free version). In community version is it necessary to install both

Yes, both will get install by default in community version.