How to make a specific Row as Header Row in Excel?

Hello Guys,
The Above image is my Excel sample. I want to make the 9th Row as Header row for process. I dont need the values above 9th row… Problem is When I get other Excel sheet from user the values in the 9th row may have changed to 10th row… How Can Assign Header for This process using that Keywords in 9th Row…
Help Me to solve this…
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Use LookUp Range activity and search for Date Of Birth value and it will give output as matching cell value. And pass that cell range to Read Range activity to read values from that cell onwards and also check Add Headers option in it.


@mohamedalthaf If headers name will not change then you can use Get the cell address by its value e.g. Date of birth you can use as value to get the first cell where your data starts

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@lakshman Thank you,
I will try this Method

Thank you,
I will try this and check

Thank you:)
I used this Method.
Its Working!!

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